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Germany’s leading conference at the intersection of Tech, UX & Product. We believe that software product people are the ones that create the future.


Successful digital products are developed by teams at the intersection of tech, design & business. Digitale Leute Summit is the only networking- and professional education event for Software Engineers, Designers, Product- and Digital Managers that focuses on the cross-functional aspects of digital product development. In two days, you learn from top-notch international speakers how to successfully build better digital products. Get deep insights into the tools, tactics, and methods of professionals developing digital products in large scale environments. Learn how these individuals and organizations find unique solutions to their digital challenges and get pragmatic advice for your daily work.





"Creating a balanced framework – How to speed up as a product manager"- Eleanor Harding, Senior Product Manager at Twitter and former Service Designer at NASA.

"6 Diagrams to explain Product Management" - 
Curtis Stanier, Senior Product Manager at DeliveryHero

"How to include the Lean Startup Methodology in a corporate?" - Michael Neudert. Founding Member Satellite

"How to ensure security teams can work collaboratively with cloud-native product teams?" - Michał Kułakowski, Solutions Architect at GitLab

UX Design
"It gives you ideas, not answers – How to do user research right" - Nikki Anderson, User Research Specialist at Zalando

"Design Critique: How we discuss design with critique at XING" - Jan Kiekeben, Senior Product Designer at XING



"The biggest thing I’ve learnt from 20 years in technology. TLDR; Inclusive Teams Deliver" - Dr J Harrison, Harbinger of Change

"How to adapt when COVID forces your team into the home office" - Steffen Heilmann, CTO at Aroundhome

"Dynamic goals instead of OKRs – How Zalando aligned its autonomous teams in a highly scaled environment" - Jan Hegewald, Director of Engineering - Product and Category Experience

"Why Software Architecture Matters" - Stefan Tilkov, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at INNOQ

UX Design
"Platform Thinking – How to create a radically new customer experience that sets me apart from the competition!"- Ruppert Bodmeier, CEO at Disrooptive. Former Director of Service Design & UX at group

"Make it fast, make it work, make it beautiful" - Lu Yu, Brand Design Lead at Pitch

"Agile Product Development in a multinational corporation – an impossible challenge?" - Martin Förster, CPO CaseWorx Wolters Kluwer

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Good to know about this years Remote Edition:

Wake-up coffee - 09:00-09:30

Start your day right! We welcome you at our virtual stage and provide you electronic tunes by our resident DJ Julian Stetter. Get yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and join the Digitale Leute experience.

Talks & Interviews - 09:30-15:00

In talks and interviews, international experts give insights of their everyday work in interdisciplinary teams. The audience will learn first hand about tools and tactics to build better digital products.

Networking - all the time

Digitale Leute wants to be the platform where people come together, learn from each other and discuss actual topics. Therefore we offer our attendees a networking area where you can chat, have a call and meet like-minded people.

Partners: Thank You ❤

We are very grateful for our partners' commitment and all the people who are supporting us in this challenging time. Without you, the Summit would not be possible. We encourage you, our attendees, to get in touch with our partners and get to know their products or vacant positions - let us all expand our network, especially in this complex situation!

Lunch- Good food, good life.

Get inspired by the amazing chef crew of Sipgate. Although the whole team is currently working from home, the chefs provide delicious recipes and videos so you can cook these special dishes at home!

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