Dirk Uhlenbrock

  • Illustration
  • Corporate Design
  • Logo Design
  • Konzeption
  • Grafikdesign
  • Kommunikationsdesign
  • Branding

Dirk Uhlenbrock was born in 1964 and still lives in his hometown Essen. He studied communication design at the university in Wuppertal focussing on illustration und typography. Until 1991 he is busy in the areas of print- and digitaldesign. After several years of work as art- and creative director in two agencies he started his own designbureau called »signalgrau« in the millenium, to realize widespread projects. He specialized in corporate-, editorial- and online-design and since 2009 all this is happening, in new partnership, in a new company, the »erste liga büro für gestaltung« (ersteliga.de)


Dirk Uhlenbrock


Ruhrtalstraße 45

45239 Essen

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